Honor Services Office Discussion Group

Start a Small Group or Business Ministry - Make A Difference!

We built a complete curriculum that enables discussions to help new entrepreneurs or existing businesses, understand the value in leveraging the Fruit of the SPIRIT to operate their business. We believe havng a place where people can come and hold regular business discussions will open hearts to see GOD.

  1. Start with a group of business people who need to talk.
  2. Select instructors. (If you are organizing a class)
  3. Present the framework. (Learn about Collaborative Marketing, Custom Sales Model and Financial Management).
  4. Pray, prepare, practice and produce.

The best instructors also know they are not perfect. People with rough edges are those who feel they do not have themselves together. Encourage this group that imperfect people are required. Explain to the reluctant that even if they aren’t good at speaking, have failed over and over, or have some other barrier but still have a passion for making Jesus known as the only answer to salvation and earthly problems, then they are great candidates to lead a group through the GOD-centered business class

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Can I start My Own Group? Yes!

GOD-Centered Business

Why is GOD necessary for business?

HE is the only answer and many need help.
Address the heart, while addressing business principles.

The Right Foundation

Many business owners jump right into business without consulting GOD first. When issues arise, then prayer ensues. Teach where the vision truly comes from.

GOD Centered Business

Prepare Leaders

Business requires a different mindset. One of a leader. Spend time building leaders who have courage to follow GOD.

New Way to Operate Business

Planning out the next two weeks is a great way to do business. That's part of the lesson.. Meet with customers and determine their needs.

Incubate and Discuss New Ideas

Establish a safe place where business owners can talk about Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and more. Pray together is the main goal.