Surrounded By GOD

"For the first time I feel I am on the winning side" is what you will say.

A Curriculum For Purpose Seeking Business Owners

GOD surrounds those who seek HIS purpose. You do have what it takes.
Business Leadership, Agile 10-Week Business Planning, Marketing & Sales Strategies, and Outstanding Customer Service, GOD's Way.
"Many people spend wasteful time trying to be someone else. I know I did. I did not like my body, hair, name, or bank account amount. I felt GOD had made a mistake or was punishing me for being alive. I could not be further from the truth. It wasn’t until I realized that GOD made me special and that I am the only one who can reach certain people, that I started to be successful."
- GOD-Centered Business: A Foundational Framework to Grow With Resilience

Successful Businesses Have Great Leaders

First Time Business Owner

Nervous? You are not alone. Many people who start out have a lot of questions. Unfortunately, the answers found are not peaceful. How do I start? How do I build a crowd? What technology should I use? These are the normal questions asked, but the answers to those questions do not address something far more important. What is my purpose and what is GOD's purpose for me?

One on One Help

If you are afraid to ask a question in an online discussion group, or do not feel comfortable with all of the steps it takes to build, operate and grow a business, then you are at the right place.

Stan Washington led Technology and Operations for a multi-billion dollar quick service restaurant chain. He has also served the LORD all around the world. No question is too large or too small. Let's work it out, together.

I need help with:
Business Needs

Experienced Business Owner

For micro-business owners who want to grow their business while growing with the LORD, this suite of tools is for you.

Also, sometimes things change when you are not ready. A once thriving business can experience difficulty that only GOD can heal. Who can I trust? Do I have to continue to walk alone? How do I recover from the mistakes I made? Great questions that may point to a greater need. Is my current leadership style pleasing to GOD?

Leadership Training Made For You

All of us need to make adjustments. But how? Stan has been an executive coach for over the past decade. Coupled with the 100+ Leadership exercises in the software, your business can be revitalized.

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I need automated systems:
Experienced Business Need

Successful Businesses Follow a Framework

GOD-Centered Business Curriculum (Framework)

Business changes rapidly and without the right framework to address the changes, a business will not know how to adjust. Is this the right time to get noisy or quiet?

GOD Centered Methodology Roadmap
An Approach That Fits Your Personality
  • Business Leadership
  • Problems to Look Out for and Adjustments to Make
  • Skill Building versus Outsourcing
  • Business Modelling for Rapid Change
  • Collaborative and Content Marketing
  • Sales Model
  • Outstanding Customer Service

There is a group of people only you can reach. Not only do they need your business, they need to hear about GOD from you and you alone.

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Successful Businesses Relate to CHRIST

True Leadership

CHRIST was and is the true leader. HE gave many examples ot how we are supposed to live and do business. HE is very aware that you need to ead and pay bills.

Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God. Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. Luke 12:6-7 (NIV)

36-Day Devotional

Learn how to lead using the "C-H-R-I-S" and "T" method. Let CHRIST show you the way and feel at peace with your leadership style. GOD knows how to mend any broken relationships you may have.

Successful Businesses Use a CRM

Technology For the Back Office

Your website is the marketing, but where is your administrative stuff? Do you do invoicing in one system, manage relationships in another and keep books in yet another system? If so, this can be time consuming and costly.

One Platform, Many Functions

Honor Services Office is a suite of tools that includes lessons each step of the way. Use a kanban board to fully develop the idea and turn it into a viable solution for your customer. Use the CRM to pray for each customer, keeping track with them to grow your business. Develop content marketing to create awareness of your product or service. Send estimates and receive a response from your customer. Send invoices and receive payments through PayPal or PayEezy. Manage your income, expenses and more.

This back office solution has been scaled down from larger corporate systems, but provides the power you need.

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