All Businesses Should Surrender to GOD

For Profit Business Ministry

It takes one to know one. We believe all businesses should surrender to CHRIST.
From raking lawns, to helping someone, all businesses should surrender to CHRIST.
Honor Services Office has surrendered to CHRIST by being a ministry to "for profit" businesses. We teach GOD-centered business principles and practices, enabling the growth of GOD's kingdom.
Business Software as a Service

Honor Services Office is a software as a service platform that focuses in on transforming business owners into disciples for CHRIST, while running their back office.

Prayerfully Made

Stan Washington, founder, has worked in many industries including; telecommunications, food manufacturing, energy, retail, and quick service restaurants to name a few. During his tenure, he realized how little he mentioned GOD and how much time he spent worrying about situations that would change from day to day. While every situation matters to GOD, there was still a gap in serving the LORD fully versus being concerned with the latest trend in business. Stan stepped out on faith to teach business owners how to follow GOD in all aspects of their business. The message is heard easier from a fellow "for profit" business.

Principles Taught

GOD-Centered business owners focus on reaching people for CHRIST through their business. Ever aspect of the business is surrendered to CHRIST.

Guiding Principles of the GOD-Centered Methodology