Honor Services Office CRM built on Prayer

Track Contacts


  • Award Badges to Contacts
  • Lead Contact Reminder
  • Interest Level Tracking
  • Marketing Channel Tracking

Build Personal Plans


  • Track Progress
  • Add YouTube Video
  • Share Personal Plan to Client
  • Collaborate With Your Client

Capture Contacts


  • Conference / Expo Capture
  • Website new Contact Capture
  • Phone and Email Management
  • Client Portal
Honor Services Office Invoicing and Online Payments

Send Estimates


  • Propose Your Services
  • Set an Expiration Date
  • Increase Professionalism
  • Track Responses

Send Invoices


  • Invoice Services Rendered
  • Sell Products
  • Track Past Due Invoices
  • Add Payment Terms

Receive Payments


  • Receive PayPal Payments
  • Receive PayEezy Payments
  • Automatically Update Books
  • Track Order Fulfilment

Business Management Software

CRM Invoicing Record Keeping

CRM Built on Prayer

Honor Services Office CRM

A New Way of Managing Business

Agile Adopted for Business (AFB). Learn the latest Agile community focused principles to identify and build GOD’s vision, create expert content marketing, develop a peaceful sales model and implement outstanding customer service.

Grow as your grow your business.

Work at your own pace to prepare yourself and your business. 100+ Leadership and business preparation exercises.
36-day personal journal to reflect with GOD.

Manage and Automate Your Business.

After learning GOD's principles, manage the business HE guided you into. Send invoices, accept online payments, track income and expenses and grow business through a CRM made for micro-businesses who believe GOD provides the increase.

Continuous Growth Methodology Software

GOD-Centered Business Banner

Back Office Software Strong Enough To Run YOur Business

Prospect with a CRM. Write Quotes, Send Invoices, Receive On-line Payments, Fulfill Orders, Build and Manage Your Website and More!.

Dream Bigger
Dream Bigger is something different than the size of your business rather its purpose beyond the original idea. Keeping track of an entire business from idea to execution can be tricky. The Epic, Feature and User Story Tracker will keep you organized.

Simplified Business Planning Software

Honor Services Office provides a simplified project management tool designed to help visualize work needed to be done. Track in-progress and completed work.

Lead and Operate Your Business

Complete the GOD-Centered leadership exercises to maximize the talent GOD gave you.

Track GREAT and personal goals in Honor Services Office.

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Remove the Trash
Remove the Trash is a self-examination necessary for GOD-Centered leaders to truly be successful. Over 12 vital leadership exercises to grow you..

Business Leadership Development Software

Many men and women were recognized by JESUS as leaders. The world, however, would not have chosen them. Their leadership styles were adjusted by GOD so they could reach many people.

What does your leadership style look like? Can some adjustments be made?

Empty the Trash from the Heart

Hiding things in the heart can cause problems with the business.

Prayerfully answer the questions provided in Honor Services Office to grow as a leader.

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Seek Wisdom
Seek Wisdom starts with GOD. Learn about HIM and yourself. Love how GOD made you so you can reach the people only you can reach.

Personal Growth Software

Operating on fumes? Easily angered? Irritable or nervous? It is time for a change.

Running a business can be demanding. Taking good care of yourself is a vital part of worshipping GOD.

Learn or Outsource

What skills do you need to run this business GOD has called you into? GOD will provide.

Make mood management and self-care plans that rely on GOD using Honor Services Office.

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Go to the Desert
Go to the Desert to prepare yourself and your business. JESUS often went into quiet places to speak to the FATHER. The desert is a tranquil place where thoughts can be pulled together.

Business Definition Software

Agile (AFB), adopted for business, is a method of getting things done. That’s it. This is the division of tasks into phases of work and frequent reassessment and adaptation of plans. The technology industry has leveraged Agile methods for decades. Agile (AFB) is an adaptation that incorporates prayer, worship and quiet time with the LORD.

Running a business can be demanding. Taking good care of yourself is a vital part of worshipping GOD.

Turn Epic Visions into User Stories based on Business Features

Think of a major story that has multiple movies associated with it. The overarching umbrella is the epic and each movie is a feature. This big vision can be broken into multiple visions or epics.
Honor Services Office gives you a place to clarify the vision GOD gives you. There are places to break that vision down into defined features your customers can understand. There are also places for you to document the feedback provided on the product or service you are building.

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Emerge Different
Emerge Different as a confident leader willing to tell the truth. GOD looks at the hear, so do your customers. Truth in advertising is vital to your business.

Website Design / Content Management Software

For those who are not a website developer. Our easy to use template enables images, video and other media to easily be placed on your semi-custom site.

Your site is hosted on within Honor Services Office Network. You can update your website without the need of a developer.

Image Library Included

Digital assets are sometimes hard to manage. Keep track of your digital assets and use them on your website.

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Kingdom First
Kingdom-First Mindset means thinking about GOD's kingdom first. Sometimes it is hard to manage the needs of others. Write a quick note or add a note under the contact, documenting their needs with Honor Services Office™.

What is Contact Relationship Management?

GOD-centered contact management is different. Awareness of all needs is what the business owner seeks. Does this person need prayer or a material need or a connection you can provide?

It is also a way to keep tack of solutions you bring to the problem your customer faces. Did you remember to provide the number the person asked for? How about that measurement? Be professional by noting the need.

Tell versus Sell

After you complete the leadership exercises, you will realize that your confidence comes from GOD. This confidence enables you to provide solutions versus trying to coerce someone into purchasing something they don't want or need.

Honor Services Office has a CRM that is quick and easy to use. Send Invoices, receive online payments, keep track of income and expense.

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Lead to Promises
Lead to Promises makes your customers refer your business. Great customer service is hard to find, but necessary to any business.

What does Outstanding Customer Service look like?

A complaint is a gift. It means your customer wants you to succeed by getting better.

Having a service model will enable great interactions with your customers.

Follow-up and Own It

Customers who bought from you need more communication than "buy more of my stuff." They need care, prayer and thanks. Many need the LORD. How will you share GOD's promises? Will you take responsibility for mistakes? Honor Services Office guides you in the development of your customer service model.

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Daily Devotional
36-Day Devotional guides you to a have a stronger relationship with JESUS. Leadership requires practice. Practice takes time with the LORD.

What leadership examples did JESUS show?

JESUS is the ultimate leader. While on earth, HE led by example. “But HE’s GOD,” you say. Yes, but HE became a human to show that the behavior HE modeled is possible for any human. With GOD, all things are possible.

It is impossible to sum up HIS examples; therefore the urge given to you is to be led by the HOLY SPIRIT as you learn about HIM. GOD reveals HIMSELF to those who earnestly seek HIM.

Using the CHRIST method

This is not really an acronym; rather, words that begin with the letter C, H, R, I, S, and T.
Honor Services Office enables you to write out your daily thoughts and observations as you walk with the LORD, or better yet, as HE guides and walks with you.

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