Honor Services Office Bookkeeping and Invoicing

Generosity starts with the heart.

Managing financials is an act of not having financials manage you.
Financial growth is healthy for the GOD-Centered business. Keeping track of expenses is equally important as managing income. Run income and expense reports with Honor Services Office™.
Financial Reports

What is Financial Management?

GOD-centered financial management enables generosity. Awareness of all needs is what the business owner seeks. Dream bigger than the business. How much will it take to meet the needs of those GOD has sent you to? Will your business be able to pay employees? Is the income more than the expense?

Run Reports Regularly

Staying on top of financials is imperative to the GOD-Centered business owner. What is working and better yet, what is not working? Keep expenses to a minimum.

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PayEezy PayPal
Payment Gateway

PayEezy is a credit, debit card processor and merchant account provider that enables businesses to receive online payments. PayPal is also a credit and debit card processor that is easy to set up and use. Honor Services Office adds the payment you receive through these payment providers, directly to your books. Both providers have separate fees and restrictions to business types.

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Bookkeeping Made Easy

Accounting for all income and expenditures is the responsibility of the GOD-Centered business owner. Instead of tracking payments in one application and books in another, Honor Services Office enables you to do both in a simplified way.

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Sending invoices with payment terms is necessary for your customers to be made aware they owe you for the product or service provided. Send invoices fast and easy with Honor Services Office.

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