Honor Services Office CRM

Love them and pray for them and they will love you back.

GOD-centered contact relationship management enables you to pray for those who purchase from you.
Having a "Kingdom-First Mindset" means thinking about GOD's kingdom first. Sometimes it is hard to manage the needs of others. Write a quick note or add a note under the contact, documenting their needs with Honor Services Office™.
Kingdom First

What is Contact Relationship Management?

GOD-centered contact management is different. Awareness of all needs is what the business owner seeks. Does this person need prayer or a material need or a connection you can provide?

It is also a way to keep tack of solutions you bring to the problem your customer faces. Did you remember to provide the number the person asked for? How about that measurement? Be professional by noting the need.

Tell versus Sell

After you complete the leadership exercises, you will realize that your confidence comes from GOD. This confidence enables you to provide solutions versus trying to coerce someone into purchasing something they don't want or need.
Honor Services Office has a CRM that is quick and easy to use.

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