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Honored to Support Missions Around the World

Our mission is to serve the lost and uplift those in need.
Family and friends are a blessing from GOD. I have been blessed thoroughly to have a wonderful wife, kids and friends who traveled the distance.
Stan and Gia Washington

Stan and Gia Washington (Her glare was in my eyes!)

Our GOD-Given Vision

To provide technology, curriculum and training to help business owners grow the kingdom while growing their business, strengthening their relationship with JESUS.

Nia Porter, Samantha Donermeyer, Stan Washington, Jasmine Washington, Sam Washington, Johnny Swan
Nia, Samantha, me, Jasmine, Sam and Johnny eating breakfast. Grateful for all they did! You too Rod and Charlie!
Linda Washington
Linda Washington

Author of over 30+ Christian books, more like over 60! Fantastic editor!

Linda Washington received a B.A. in English/Writing from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, and an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts in Montpelier, Vermont. She has authored or co-authored fiction and nonfiction books for kids, teens, and adults, including God and Me (ages 10-12—Rainbow/Legacy Press/Rose Publishing) and The Soul of C.S. Lewis (with Jerry Root, Wayne Martindale, and others—Tyndale House).

Stan Washington

Recognizing that I have accomplished nothing without GOD is humbling. I acknowledge that I can sometimes get in my own way. I believe GOD has forgiven me for this, and I confess I am not adequate to lead, but accept the responsibility. Thank you all who have supported me on this journey.

As I sat in the expensive executive company car given to me to drive as I pleased, I could not convince myself to leave my true identity in the car any longer. Everything within me said I was living a lie when it came to serving GOD by serving those who craved money over people. When requested to lead a daily message of godly encouragement to employees, I declined. I did not want my relationship with JESUS known at work because I was afraid I would offend someone. GOD took care of that.
When I left my previous company after being down-sized, I worried about getting another position of power and wealth. I searched day and night with fear and anxiety. Many rejections came. Finally, I received a couple of offers. Something was wrong. One offer, while powerful and lucrative, seemed the same as the job I left. The other was from a hotel chain. Strange words were mentioned in the interview.
“We are in charge of the porn shown in the guest rooms,” the interviewer said.

Should I overlook this and get the money? I considered.

But GOD said, “Make a choice.” I turned the positions down with no other offers in sight. I felt broken.
A friend said, “You have to do something.” So I started a business. Having good intentions, I became a career coach. It was a safe choice and easy to start. I took online classes on starting a business, even though I had helped small business owners for years to reach millions in sales. Yet I felt more prepared because I had led a large organization within the world’s largest quick service restaurant.
After mediocre success with my startup, my money was getting low.
“LORD, what is going on?” I asked in prayer, feeling dejected.
HE gave me a vision to use the skills I learned being a leader, mixed with running technology-focused efforts. For years afterwards, I and others had toiled over building a technology platform that would be affordable and rival other platforms. We prayed for triumph daily.
I started seeing some success, but that was not the complete vision. Money was coming in, but my heart was empty. The model was working, but something was still wrong.

Restless one night, I fought for sleep.

“Whose business is this?” I felt the inquiry in my spirit.

“YOURS,” I said in response to GOD. I mean, the answer had to be “YOURS” when the voice I heard came from GOD. Unlike the encounter Peter had when he denied CHRIST three times and was questioned three times by JESUS for restoration, I was questioned several times. Exhausted, I answered, “YOURS,” this time with humility, not knowing what was to come.
GOD then said, “Then give ME 100% of the company.”
“What does that mean?” I asked.

HIS reply did not feel good. “Let go of the customers who have been paying but not using the service.” That was a scary statement.

HE then said, “Change the method in which you do business. Write this method down and help people see ME.”
After taking a deep breath, I realized HE was serious. I sent messages to all the customers HE told me to, and stopped writing the wealth-driven methodology I had started. I quieted down to listen to GOD. “Now what?” I asked.
“Feed MY sheep,” HE answered.
“What? Am I supposed to become a pastor or something?”
“No,” HE answered. “Just show them how to make ME the center of their lives and businesses. Let ME provide the increase to those who are truly seeking ME.”

More about the Author

Stan Washington accepted the LORD at the age of 12. He walked away from serving GOD in college and pursued fulfilling his own desires. His pursuit led him to barely finish college. He became a programmer but wanted to get into learning about the business world. Still empty, he returned to the LORD wanting to get his life in order. He took many continuing education classes at a Bible Institute.

Later, he joined the largest quick service restaurant and became a McDonald’s executive over Operations and Technology. After many years he turned to entrepreneurism and became the founder and president of Honor Services Office, a software company that helps small businesses grow sales, market businesses, and process invoices easily. He is ready to share the tips he learned from large corporations while enabling a community of prayer to truly follow JESUS. Stan is the author of GOD-Centered Business: A Foundational Framework to Grow with Resilience and also is the co-author of Plans to Prosper: Strategies, Systems and Tools for Small Business Marketing Success and Peaceful Selling: Easy Sales Techniques to Grow Your Small Business.

He is married and has two children. He has traveled to Zimbabwe, China, Mexico, and many places in the United States to spread the great news about JESUS.

My Quiet Time

My quiet time with the LORD is a time I look forward to. I start my day with a cup of hot coffee and a noise free room in my house. I read through the Bible, verse by verse. This keeps me organized versus jumping around. I ponder what I read and think of a time when a similar situation happened in my life.

My Daily Devotional

Heart for Missions and the Homeless


What I enjoyed about Zimbabwe was seeing a bustling city named Harare. We ate at Nando's regularly. The most memorable part of the trip was a man telling me he walked 20 miles to hear me speak. I felt unprepared after he said that.


What I enjoyed about China was eating food. It's just called food when over in China. The most memorable part of the trip was baptizing our guide, a local man, in our hotel room.


What I enjoyed about Mexico was eating tacos made by a street vendor on the side of the road. See a food pattern? The most memorable part of the trip was arriving 4 hours late and everyone was so forgiving. Many accepted CHRIST.

Other Trips and Shelters

I have been blessed to serve in local homeless shelters and those in Grand Rapids, Las Vegas and New Orleans. I have also been blessed to serve in Appalachia Kentucky and New Orleans to rebuild homes.

Other Business Experience

Led Restaurant Technology and Operations for 14,000 US locations
Led Self-Checkout Implementation and Payment Card Industry Compliance
Led Agile Implementation of Robotics Processing Automation (RPA)