Lead to Promises - Outstanding Customer Service

A Complaint is a Gift

Lead to Promises Objective: You will learn; how to follow up with your customers after the sale and how to handle complaints.

After you finish all exercises, you will update your "Customer Service Model", "Follow-up Plan", "Referral and Review Action Plan" and "CRM"
Lead to Promises Large

“What promises did you make?”
“Did you follow up after the sale?”
“How do you keep loyalty?”
“What are GOD’S promises for your customers?”

Handling complaints is a must when it comes to business. Inevitably, something will go wrong. How will you make it right?

Having a servants heart is the best approach to business. Customers will see your heart that is overflowing with love and want to work exclusively with you. Even when something goes wrong, the problem will be less of a problem when you have established a relationship with your customers.

Lead to yours and GOD's promises

Watch the Lead to Promises Video as a discussion or thought starter.

RECOMMENDED: Work on this in a group or with another person to get the necessary feedback.
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Distinction is not always achieved by having a better product or service. More than likely, your competition is working on a bigger, stronger, faster model than the one you are selling. How can you be different? Great customer service enables that distinction.