Kingdom First Mindset - Sales (Tell it, Don't Sell it)

Sales with integrity and your own style

Kingdom First Mindset Objective: You will learn; how to adjust your leadership style to be able to work with many types of people and how to manage relationships using a CRM.

After you finish all exercises, you will update your: "CRM to manage relationships with new people"; "sales process".
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“Should you sell or pray right now?”
“What does integrity look like?”
“Are you prepared?”

Caring about the relationship is more important than the sale. After a healthy relationship, the sales will come.

Businesses that have the sole purpose of making money can fail and the business owner may care, but the customers may not. The GOD-centered business owner establishes relationships that are deeper than just business. They provide purpose.

Lead with integrity, discernment and character

Watch the Kingdom First Mindset Video as a discussion or thought starter.

RECOMMENDED: Work on this in a group or with another person to get the necessary feedback.
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Each person is different. Trying the same approach on different people will lower your conversion rate, also known as the capture rate, also known as the customers who purchase from you. Get to know your customers if you can so you can use discernment when speaking to them. On a scale of 1 – 10 how well do you know your product or service? Be honest