GOD Centered Business
The GOD-Centered Business Owner 'Dreams Bigger' than themselves. Their business is more than just profit, it's about people. GOD guides the business.

Learn how to retrofit or create a resilient business that withstands life's obstacles and grows with purpose. You are called to an incredible work.
Leadership Partnership Relationship

GOD-Centered Business Methodology

Get GOD's vision, break it into small chunks using Agile Adopted for Business (AFB).

For existing or new businesses. A systematic process business owners can follow to create, execute and follow-up on new ideas and solutions.

Many business owners work from their gut. In other words they use their instinct to make vital business decisions, many times without consulting GOD. But the GOD-centered business owner follows their faith in GOD and places all decisions before HIM.

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Dream Bigger


Something different than the size of your business rather its purpose beyond the original idea.

GOD given vision versus human. Allow GOD to stretch you to achieve HIS vision for your business. After facing the reality of becoming a business owner, ask yourself “What do I own and what does GOD own?” This question is extremely important as it will set the direction of your business.

For many micro-businesses, the owner thinks of an idea, looks at their own skills, abilities, time and personality to determine what type of business they should be in. The problem with this approach, while sound, is the limits the business owner puts in place by looking at themselves for all the answers and energy.

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Remove the Trash

Remove the TRASH

Modify your leadership style to align to GOD’s passion.

Introspection is important. Everyone has gifts and talents that GOD gave them. Serving customers with these gifts enables a thriving, GOD-Centered Business. But what happens if the business is not thriving or the idea is not gaining traction? This makes some people doubt they even heard from GOD regarding their business. Modify or adjust your leadership style to run a GOD-Centered Business.

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Seek Wisdom


Depend on GOD to identify and fill gaps in resources and skills.

You can do all things in CHRIST who strengthens you. Knowing yourself and your style is important. Assess what needs to be done and the skills needed to accomplish it. Seek valuable skills or resources.

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Go to the Desert

Go to the DESERT

Break GOD’s vision into small pieces to plan and prepare for resilience.

Quiet down to plan. Learned to hear from GOD in the middle of a quiet place. You will hear how to refinement the vision. Break the vision into smaller executable pieces using the Agile AFB Framework.

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Emerge Different


Be led by GOD to price and market your expertise in your industry.

Dare to be different. Be the expert. When GOD placed you in business, it was for HIS purpose. HE asks that you surrender to HIM. This means HE has given you extra desire that goes beyond profits.

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Kingdom First

Kingdom First MINDSET

Gain confidence from GOD to tell versus sell.

Have a purpose. Comfort zones vary from person to person. Some feel comfortable meeting new people while others rather sit in their home speaking to an anonymous group. Growing business should be done on purpose, but placed under GOD’ guidance.

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Lead to Promises


Live GOD’s promises through outstanding customer service.

Serve them with excellence. Distinction is not always achieved by having a better product or service. More than likely, your competition is working on a bigger, stronger, faster model than the one you are selling. How can you be different? Providing great customer service enables that distinction.

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