Dream Bigger - Get the Vision

GOD provides the vision based on the plan HE has for you.

Start here. This page contains explanations to help you understand the curriculum (framework) that you will use over and over.

Dream Bigger Large

Turn to GOD for the vision instead of trying to use your own power. Be willing to listen to GOD and allow HIM to stretch you beyond your original vision.

Once GOD guides you to where HE wants the business to go, then check your leadership style to align it to HIS.

Watch the Dream Bigger Overview then familiarize yourself with the framework below.

Being called into business is different than wanting to go into business. GOD's purpose for being in business should never be taken lightly. Dedicate all to HIM simply because that is the right thing to do.


Dream Bigger example of being greedy and selfish


Dream Bigger write down what you are thankful for
Dream Bigger

Give Extreme Thanks

Your journey begins with a thankful heart. Practice thanking GOD without expecting something from HIM.

Thank GOD for the large and small. Quiet down to thank GOD for what HE as brought you through. Write these down and revisit this list often.

It is very important to list the small things HE has given you. List the abilities, gifts and talents, no matter how small and thank HIM for giving this to you. List people, things and situations that come to mind.

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GOD Centered Methodology Roadmap
Leadership Partnership Relationship

GOD-Centered Positioning System

Understand the big picture. Know where you are going so you can reach the destination.

Systematic Approach. We have developed a systematic process business owners can follow to create, execute and follow-up on new ideas and solutions. We will guide you on each step as you develop and modify your leadership style and solidify plans with your customers. As you use this process, we hope you'll feel confident enough to take your business to the next level.

Each section of the methodology builds upon the last. By following each step, your business should become more resilient, enabling you to weather storms and difficult times.

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Guiding Principles of the GOD-Centered Methodology
Leadership Partnership Relationship

Guiding Principles

Apply the principles to every aspect of the business and the methodology.

You can do all things in CHRIST who strengthens you. Your goal is different. Your business is made to make profits, but GOD makes business owners prophets for HIS purpose. HE wants more servants, just like you.

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Motives for going into business
Leadership Partnership Relationship

GOD's Motive

Examine your desire to be in business.

Have Purpose. GOD provides the purpose and motivation to see your business through to excellence! Sometimes our own desires are the motives for starting a business. The unfortunate first step some take is to become very vocal about the business before hearing from GOD or their customers.
Some others start a business because they need money in a hurry. Some of these business owners may be fall to the temptation of providing a product or service that does not meet anyone's needs and they find themselves in a worse situation.

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Leadership Partnership Relationship
Leadership Partnership Relationship

Leadership, Partnership, Relationship

How your business interacts with people will make or break achieving GOD's success. Falling into the trap of always doing the business never leaves time to lead the business to places where GOD wants you to grow.

Leadership. It takes a strong leader to slow down and quiet down to hear GOD. GOD-centered Leadership means being prepared to guide people to achieve HIS purpose.

Partnership. GOD wants us to assemble with other people to grow one another. Seek people to guide, or receive guidance from those who will provide you with valuable information.

Relationship. Your purpose is to build relationships so people will see GOD. The stronger your relationships, the more people will follow you. Will you give these relationships to GOD as a gift back to HIM?

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