Dream Bigger (9 Exercises and 4 Leadership Guidelines)

Dream Bigger Objective:

You will learn the GOD-centered vision process, why you need customer input, and GOD-centered leadership for success.

After you finish all exercises, you will have enough information to craft your "Vision Statement", "Target Audience Statement" and "Bio"

Watch the Dream Bigger Video as a discussion or thought starter.

RECOMMENDED: Work on this in a group or with another person to get the necessary feedback.
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Symbols to Consider

Stop and Pray
  • The LORD guide you during this quiet time.
  • That you be decreased and GOD be increased.
  • To be sent to the group HE wants you to go to.
  • To admit any fear or doubt.
  • Letting go of self takes practice.
  • Be patient with yourself and others and get rid of false deadlines.
  • You are starting a journey on becoming a better leader.
  • This does not happen overnight.
Next Steps
    Next Steps:
  • Review the vision GOD gave you when you quieted down.
  • Plan for many revisions to the original vision through people GOD has sent to you.
  • Strive for excellence.


The vision comes from GOD.

Get the Vision - Define the Epic

GOD provides you, HIS servant, the vision.

The vision GOD gives you is called an Epic. Think of a major story that has multiple movies associated with it. The overarching umbrella is the epic and each movie is a “feature” film. This big vision can be broken into multiple visions or “epics.”

Answer the following questions

Dream Bigger - define the vision

The first idea is usually not the one that will lead to success.

What is behind GOD's Vision?

My ownership versus GOD's ownership.

Pay attention to what is valuable to GOD. When it comes to your business or business idea, ask yourself the question again, “What do I own and what does GOD own?” If you own any percent, more than likely that percentage will ultimately fail in GOD’s eyes. Unfortunately, there are businesses that appear to be successful, that are not GOD centered. These businesses bring in a lot of money, so the world claims their success, even if the business hurts people in the process

GOD has a different currency, namely people. Our entire existence is for GOD. HE created humans and said “It was very good” Genesis 1:31. Satan, wanting to be GOD, tempted the first humans in an attempt to get them to follow him. He also knew there was a scroll that existed, sealing his condemning fate. If he could just make all humans sinful, the scroll would never be opened. But GOD had a different plan. HIS SON JESUS volunteered to become human, live a sinless life, be blamed for the sins of mankind, die, and be risen from the dead, accepting all power.

So why should GOD go through all that and not be mentioned every day by HIS creation? Well, GOD does want to be mentioned every day, in every way. Unfortunately, many businesses of the world never acknowledge GOD but put profits over the people HE is trying to save.

Discuss this vision in your local group.

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Audience, Size, and Location of the Vision

Audience Size and Location of the Vision
Dream Bigger

Who does GOD want your business to serve?

GOD defines your audience.

Allow GOD to guide you to the right people and places. Who do YOU want the business to serve LORD? Is the idea the size YOU want it to be LORD? Where do YOU want the business to serve?

Talk with your ears. In other words, listen to specific needs. The audience is at a specific location with a specific group.

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Revised ideas have a greater chance for success. Lead by making revisions with the target audience.

GOD-First Leadership

A counterintuitive leadership style.

Putting GOD first takes effort. It is counterintuitive to put GOD first versus profits or self. The world will give free profit calculators and business plan templates focused only on maximizing money. Again, profit is nice, but the GOD-centered business owner looks for profit and people they can serve for HIM.

When GOD said, “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you” (Matthew 6:33 ), HE was not looking at making yet another person so wealthy, that he or she could not see HIM or might think he or she is GOD. HE does, however, have a heart for the poor. JESUS said, “For you have the poor with you always, but Me you do not have always” (Matthew 26:11). HE wants people to reach the poor not only with money, but with love so they can believe in JESUS as their Savior.

Acting counterintuitive in business is not easy when much of the information one can find is derived from concepts such as “sex sells” or “the person with the most money wins.” GOD says, “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls” (Matthew 11:28-29 ).

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Break apart GODs Vision
Dream Bigger

Breaking Apart the Vision

Take something big and make it small by breaking it apart.

Pieces are easier to execute. Begin to break the larger vision you came up with in Exercise 1 into smaller pieces, you or others can easily understand and execute.

Think in iterations or revisions. As you think about the steps of your vision, you do not have to get everything right the first time. Later, you will need to get input from strangers and others who may purchase from you.

Discuss this exercise in your local group.

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Prioritize GODs Vision
Dream Bigger

Prioritize the parts

After breaking apart the vision, prioritize the work.

Wish List. Each stage of the framework/methodology will have a list we will refer to as a wish list. At the vision stage, this wish list is for bigger and broader ideas as compared to the latter stages where detail is required.

Identify the needs by talking with strangers, then family and friends. Discuss this with the local group.

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Successful businesses have faithful leaders.

Faithful Leadership

A foundational leadership style.

Faith fights your attempt to control. Jumping into the deep end of a swimming pool can be scary, especially if the person jumping does not know how to swim. Even if surrounded by people who can help him swim, there may be a natural hesitancy that causes a cautious approach.

Business is no different. Sometimes, the guards get put up and the life jackets get strapped on before the nervous business owner jumps in the water. Unfortunately for the cautious business swimmers, a life jacket prevents them from learning how to swim.

The life jacket in this case is control. Micro-business owners want to do everything themselves, blaming their lack of money as the reason for this controlling behavior. Even if they got someone to help, it usually would be a person they could control, like a family member or a friend.

When seeking financial help, control comes into play. The person loaning the money wants a percentage of “control” in the company. If the money lender sees you are not meeting expectations, that person will use her control to get you out or take over the business assets or idea.

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More on Faithful Leadership

A foundational leadership style.

Faith fights your attempt to control. Some business owners jump into water without knowing how to swim, but having no one there to help, they drown. These over-confident business swimmers never looked for help, thinking they could do everything themselves because they took the dangerous leap.

Jumping into business does not preclude you from doing the work necessary to stay in business. If your business is regulated, then you must abide by those regulations and get everything in place..

The life jacket in this case is control. Micro-business owners want to do everything themselves, blaming their lack of money as the reason for this controlling behavior. Even if they got someone to help, it usually would be a person they could control, like a family member or a friend.

Jumping in means you cannot turn back. The faithful GOD-Centered business owner sees more at stake than her business. She discerns that reaching people for the kingdom is also important. Whatever barrier is placed in front of this person, faith will overcome the obstacle. The faithful person leads by asking GOD what HE wants versus telling GOD what she wants.

Revisit the promises often for encouragement.

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Write down GODs Promises
Dream Bigger

Remember GOD's Promises for You

GOD will always keep HIS promises.

GOD makes promises to you. Write the promises GOD made to you. Revisit these promises often.

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Trust in GOD builds your confidence in HIM.

Trusting Leadership

A resilient leadership style.

Trust is a requirement of following GOD. Fear breeds a lack of trust. It seems like the bigger the vision, the more people fear failing. Consequently, many micro-business owners play it safe, chasing less risky, low-rewarding routes. They listen to risk-adverse people, never meet new customers, and hide at home waiting on referrals.

Addressing fear takes trust in GOD. When life has been tough and problems have beaten you up, it may be difficult for you to trust GOD. HE knows this and is gentle in HIS guidance. HE wants total trust from you, allowing HIM to guide your business, finances, family, friends, and your health. Trust builds obedience to HIM. Unshakeable trust enables God-sized things to happen through you.

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Needs Assessment
Dream Bigger

Assess Your Customer's Needs

Genuinely care and GOD will send people to you who have needs for you to fulfill.

Seek the Kingdom First. Business should not be done in the dark or alone. Seek the needs of your customer by listening to them. Write down their needs. Remember, GOD’s currency is people, so listen to their personal needs as well so you can pray for them.

Discuss needs with actual people. Listening to yourself is dangerous and could lead to missing the audience's needs.

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Humility/ humbleness means strength.

Humble Leadership

An attractive leadership style.

Humility/ humbleness means strength. Being in business is a humbling experience, especially if you are not financed. Each customer becomes precious and requires the best of care and attention. The GOD-centered business owner seeks opportunities to serve people with her hospitality, friendliness, competence, and refreshing attitude. The HOLY SPIRIT shines through you.

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Needs Assessment
Dream Bigger

Excellence Refinement

Practice refining validation.

Refining takes practice. This comes over time. The first vision GOD gives you may take several revisions that require input from your customers in order to get it right. Build your product or service with input from your potential customers and strive for excellence.

It takes GOD to be a perfect human and JESUS was and is that perfection. But what about us? Refine your product or service over time by speaking to the audience GOD sends you to.

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Needs Assessment
Dream Bigger

Customer Validation

Customers validate ideas.

List potential customers/clients who will validate your idea. Remember, playing it safe is not the goal. Get validation even from harsh critics and refine your product with GOD’S assistance.

Your customers are never an inconvenience. Give them your best. Serve them well. Look for the best solutions and trust GOD to deliver.

Be open to feedback.

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G.R.E.A.T. Goals

G.R.E.A.T. Goals

Discuss the goals with your local group.

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